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Got a Company to Grow?

Mike Volkin is the world’s most renowned fractional CMO for businesses that help people, animals, or the environment.

Got a Company to Grow?

Mike Volkin is the world’s most renowned fractional CMO for businesses that help people, animals, or the environment.

grow a company

His stats are hard to beat. Mike has 23 years of marketing leadership and coaching experience.

“The more vital marketing is to the success of your company, the more strongly I’d recommend The Volkinator to help you.”

Brandon F, Sales Executive

"You Will Never Exceed the Highest Expectations of Yourself.

I love working with companies who think big and act fearless."

Hi, I’m Mike and you’ll find me different than anyone you have worked with. I’m not a “playbook marketer”. I love being creative to drive the strategies I develop. I utilize technology and numbers to drive the execution of these strategies.

I have earned the coveted Expert Vetted badge on Upwork with a perfect 100% Job Success Score. I am proud to be the highest-rated fractional CMO on Upwork, a site with over 18 million freelancers, and it was an honor to be featured on their homepage for an entire year.

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Companies Mike Has Helped:

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“The world is saturated with marketing leaders who can talk a big game, but rarely can prove it. Mike has proved time and time again, for many businesses (including his own), that he grows and streamlines companies.” 

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Mike has hundreds of satisfied clients from Upwork (the largest freelancing platform in the world).

Here is a voicemail left by one of Mikes clients on their one year anniversary of working together.

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How Can Mike Help Your Company?

Mike is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, marketing consultant, fractional Chief Marketing Officer, Army veteran, and author of 7 books (one bestseller). In addition, he has built and sold 6 of his own companies. As a marketing leader, he specializes in helping businesses scale, particularly ones that help people, animals and/or the environment.

Here are a few examples of how Mike can help your company:.

Mike Volkin Army Chemical Operations

8 days after the tragic events of 9/11/2001, Mike dropped everything and joined the Army to serve his country. He enlisted and was almost immediately sent to Basic Training where he spent the next 5 months studying Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare. 

After graduating as a Chem Star at nearly the top of his class, he was almost immediately shipped to Iraq where he spent a year deployed serving Operation Enduring and Iraqi Freedom. During his deployment, he was promoted to Sergeant and subsequently awarded an Army Commendation Medal. Mike spent a total of 8 years serving on several bases in the Army Reserves.

During his deployment, Mike got the idea that nothing really prepared him for Army Basic Training. If he was prepared, he would have done much better. And if he had that experience, hundreds of thousands of recruits must have that experience as well. So he begin writing on pieces of scrap paper while in Iraq. He wrote everything he could have done to prepare mentally and physically for Basic Training. After his deployment, he organized his notes and self-published the book titled The Ultimate Basic Training Guidebook. It was quickly picked up by a military publisher and the rest is history. The book was a hit, winning the gold medal from the Military Book Club and hit #1 several times on Amazon in the military reference category. Today, the book is a staple for any recruit going to military basic training. Mike has since published several more books in both the military and business genres.

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