Business Success Formula

The Business Success Formula

Ready to reverse engineer your pathway to success?

Have Mike meet with your company leadership team (or speak at your event) to go through the Business Success Formula:

(T * 1.5) + P + B + I = Business Success

*Price includes travel costs, for travel outside the U.S please contact Mike’s team first before buying.

After purchasing a member of Mike’s team will contact you.

Clients LOVE the Business Success Formula

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Who is the Business Success Formula for?

For small and large businesses, ideally those with over 10 employees. No matter what industry you are in and no matter what product/service you sell, the Business Success Formula will be an extremely helpful and measurable method for getting the scalable success your company deserves.

What Happens at this Business Success Formula Meeting?

Before the BSF event:

It all starts with a 30 minute call so Mike can learn about your company and goals. 

During the event:

Mike will spend a full day with you and your staff (preferably the leadership team, but all are welcome). You will:

-Understand the formula.

-Score yourself on each criteria.

-Discover weaknesses and strengths.

-Provide a benchmark and plan for growth and scalability moving forward.

After the event:

Mike won’t just leave you behind. You can hire him on a quarterly or even yearly retainer to revisit your progress and update your scores. 

The End Result?

Ever see a house flipping show? Picture your business that house that needed to be flipped into a gorgeous, functional and modern home. 


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