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Rise as a Titan: Transformative Entrepreneurship Mentoring and Networking

Main Instructor and Mentor

Welcome to the Titan Entrepreneur Group, a dynamic hub where ambition meets expertise. At the helm is Mike Volkin, a seasoned entrepreneur whose accomplishments speak volumes. Mike isn’t just an entrepreneur; he’s a visionary who has successfully built and sold multiple companies. His insights have been crystallized into several books, one of which has earned the accolade of being a best-seller.

But Mike’s expertise doesn’t stop there. He’s a mentor at heart, having guided hundreds of business owners, sharing the wisdom gleaned from his diverse entrepreneurial experiences. His dedication to excellence is evident in his status as the highest-rated freelancer on Upwork, a testament to his unparalleled skill and commitment.

In the Titan Group, you’re not just joining a coaching program; you’re stepping into a realm of transformation. This is where business owners evolve into exceptional entrepreneurs. Here, you’ll not only gain mentorship from Mike but also forge invaluable connections with like-minded entrepreneurs. It’s a space where collaboration sparks innovation, and individual goals are propelled by collective wisdom.

Titan entrepreneur group

What you will experience?

Titan Entrepreneur Group Features

Essentials plan includes everything below except personal access to our mentors: $150/mo. To apply, click here

10% off for 6-month commitment

Every legendary entrepreneur will tell you, the real cheat code was finding that one guru who has been there and done that, and was willing to share the playbook.

Accelerate everything. Step on less landmines. Get there quicker: You just need one titan in your corner to change everything.

Rowing solo will get you moving, sometimes in a circle, but real acceleration in the right direction is a tribe of the right people rowing with you. 

1-1 Mentorship

2 virtual one-on-one 25-minute mentorship session/month. You may choose any instructor in the group for the session (based on availability).

Open Office Hours

Hang out with us online. One or more of our coaches will be available live for Q&A sessions twice a month, offering real-time coaching and insights.

Visionary Ventures Workshops

A monthly online session where our instructors or guest speakers delve into a specific subject, open for anyone eager to learn and grow in their entrepreneurial journey.

See below section for details.

Portal Access

Access to a dedicated portal where you can watch previous subject specific training sessions.

Email Access

Email access to any of our coaches for personalized guidance between mentorship sessions (allow for a 3 business day response time).

Private Facebook Group

Get access to our private Facebook group where you can collaborate with other members.


Get exclusive discounts and deals on essential business-related software, helping you streamline your entrepreneurial journey with the right tools at a reduced cost.

Multi-Session Mentorship Discount

Discount rates for those who book multiple sessions in a month, providing added value and encouragement for continuous business growth. 1/2 rates are only $125/month after first session.

Approved Vendors

Get access to our approved vendors. These vendors have been fully vetted by our team so you can take the guesswork out of hiring right.

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Upcoming Visionary Ventures Workshops

Titan entrepreneur group

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Testimonials From Our Titans

Our Titans aren’t just satisfied, they have successful businesses and they’re making money.

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Be sure to catch Mike streaming live on social media for Open Office Hours, where he is available to answer your questions. Ask questions or just listen in! 

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