What is a fractional cmo?

A group CMO performs the same general duties as a full-time chief marketing officer, but on a part-time basis. That means they manage the marketing strategy and oversee implementation and tracking for the companies that hire them. You may have seen the term before and asked yourself, “What is a fractional CMO? A fractional CMO is a senior marketing manager who is employed part-time to provide executive leadership. An FCMO offers proven skills and abilities paired with repeatable marketing processes at a fraction of the cost of full-time employment.

The fractional CMO is a rapidly expanding position that benefits many companies with their marketing and growth efforts. The third category of fractional CMOs is very similar to the first, except that independent fractional CMOs operate as a collective under a single brand and use a licensing or franchise model. A fractional CMO can be the best solution to strengthen your brand, provide a sense of marketing leadership, and keep your marketing strategies and marketing efforts on track. An experienced fractional CMO has decades of experience in your industry and knows how to use proven methods and processes and have a track record of success.

To learn more about working with a part CMO and how marketing leadership-as-a-service can help your business, contact us and schedule a free conversation. A fractional CMO can be a great solution if you need marketing management assistance for a period of between six months and six years. A partial CMO reports directly to the CEO and focuses on marketing plans, building partner relationships, building marketing processes, developing the sales pipeline, and more. As your marketing department and marketing strategy evolve, working with a fractional CMO is the new model for the modern age of marketing.

You can also select a sub-CMO who has direct experience in your industry or industry so they can contribute right away and implement strategies and tactics that can make a measurable difference in a more efficient time frame. A partial CMO usually works on a fee basis and is remunerated according to the time required for the commitment. A good fractional CMO is process-oriented and has a track record of scaling companies that are similar in size or offerings to your own company. It ensures that you have the right guidelines and strategic overview to meet your long-term growth requirements. A fractional CMO is a marketing manager who helps with customer acquisition, sales development, and company growth.

We offer a variety of fractional CMO packages that are tailored to the needs of medium-sized companies. Startup companies could consider bringing in a fractional CMO to help them achieve their fledgling go-to-market goals. One of the key benefits of using fractional CMO services is bringing the best talent and executive-level expertise to your team without the time, effort, and cost associated with hiring a recruitment firm, interviewing multiple candidates, and hiring a full-time marketing manager. The trend towards fractional CMOs is gaining in importance as companies are successful with this model to implement their marketing strategies.

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