His stats are hard to beat. Mike has over 20 years of marketing consulting and scale coaching experience.

“The more vital marketing is to the success of your company, the more strongly I’d recommend The Volkinator to help you.”

Brandon F, Sales Executive

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"You Will Never Exceed the Highest Expectations of Yourself.

I love working with companies who think big and act fearless."

Hi, I’m Mike and as a marketing leader my passion is helping companies and help people, animals, or the environment.

If your company helps people live or be better…

If your company helps animals live a better life…

If your company helps the environment…

We should talk. I’ve worked with over 400 companies and I’ll tell you from experience every company is unique. 

Companies Mike Has Helped:

constant companion
epic wipes
print office

The world is saturated with scale coaches who can talk a big game, but rarely can prove it. Mike has proved time and time again, for many businesses (including his own), that he grows and streamlines companies.  


The dozens of rotating testimonials to the left are a few of Mike’s satisfied clients from Upwork (the largest freelancing platform in the world).

Here is a voicemail left by one of Mikes clients on their one year anniversary of working together.

mike volkin

How Can Mike Help Your Company?

Mike is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, marketing consultant, entrepreneur scale coach, Army veteran, and author of 6 books (one bestseller). In addition, he has built and sold 5 of his own companies. As a marketing leader, he specializes in helping businesses with a social purpose scale.

Here are a few examples of how Mike can help your company:.

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